Biggest Cork Companies USA – Professionals and Cons of Cork Flooring

We see many different items comprised of cork each day. Cork is used as stoppers for wine bottles, bulletin boards in workplaces, and flask handles in laboratories. Additionally, cork is utilized as inside flooring for professional establishments and residences. biggest cork companies USA have already been making use of cork flooring for more than a century. Although it has also been used in the us for a few time, it gained recognition only recently.

Wouldn’t it be described as a good move to work with this sort of flooring material inside your house? To help you choose, let’s seem with the pros and drawbacks of cork flooring.


Perhaps the greatest variable that contributed to the increase in recognition of cork like a flooring product is that it truly is eco-friendly. A lot of parts of the planet, primarily the united states have become environmentally acutely aware. More people are picking products and solutions and building components that don’t hurt the surroundings. Inside the case of cork flooring, from generation to set up, the products is sure to be eco-friendly.

Cork is produced with the bark of a cork oak tree that could only be located in the Mediterranean location. The tree is understood to acquire a life span of 250 several years. Just about every nine several years, a layer of bark is faraway from the tree. A thin layer is permitted to continue to be to grow. This may again be harvested right after nine years. Because just the bark is eradicated, the tree is expected to reside its daily life expectancy.

The taken off bark is processed in a very plant that produces cork stoppers for wine bottles. Surplus bark is collected and reprocessed to manufacture cork floorings of different styles and sizes. Installation of flooring may possibly often use adhesives which will be damaging for the environment. Nonetheless, quite a few installers select to make use of eco-friendly adhesives.

A different motive why cork flooring is becoming so popular is its features. Cork is comfortable yet long lasting. It acts similar to a slim cushion when applied for a flooring content. Furthermore, due to the fact it can be made in lots of distinct shapes and sizes, matching the flooring on the general concept on the home is usually a lot less difficult.

Cork flooring have a very long lifestyle span because these are very resilient. Destroyed parts can certainly be fixed by somewhat of sanding and recoating. They are also fire resistant, non-toxic, and prevent the expansion of molds, microorganisms, and mildew.


The main downside of cork floors is the fact that they’re highly-priced. They are often 4 times the price of standard flooring materials including tiles. Whether it is to become put in in a very large place, then the price of resources furthermore labor may not be eye-catching to lots of people.

Although cork is resilient, it can be destroyed by sharp objects which include superior heels and also the nails of cats and pet dogs. A great deal treatment ought to be exercised to prevent the flooring from getting ruined prematurely.

Cork flooring will fade speedier when exposed to daylight. One way to prevent this is certainly to own UV safety installed on windows which translates into additional expenditures.

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